Another podium for Tom in the Craig Arimtage Trophy Road Race

    The race kicked off with several small attacks until a break of around 8 or 9 riders eventually got a small 40 second gap. In every other race I’ve ridden on this circuit it has ended in a bunch sprint and I was proved right as the break was brought back around mid race.

    In the penultimate lap two riders managed to slip off the front and built too substantial a lead to bring back with the race behind being negative, everyone wanting to win but no one wanting to work for it.

    Photo Credit: Craig Zad

    3rd was going to be the best result for the rest of us. It was a block headwind from 500m to go so I knew it was key to position myself well and use as many wheels as I could to launch as late as possible. It wasn’t until the last 150m when I could start my sprint properly as a gap opened on the inside for me to jump through, grabbing 3rd by a couple of bike lengths!

    Thanks to Matt and Jimmy also for working to pull back the early break.