Another win for Cav at Prissick in the 2/3/4

    It was a very warm night at Prissick with a stiff head wind down the finishing straight. The race started tactically but the pace was fast. 

    The first attacks didn’t start until the 4th or 5th lap, Ben Gibson found a gap of 20-30 seconds quite quickly, though shortly after there was a crash in the main group and the race was neutralised for 2 laps.

    Ben was brought back quickly after this and a number of attacks followed but they were closed down. With 5 to go the front of the race became swamped and the pace began to raise, until the second last lap when a rider attacked and one man committed to the chase.

    Fortunately, with 500m to go the race came back together. I was third wheel before the last bend but I managed to accelerate up the inside out of the saddle I sprinted to take the win!

    Looking forward to my next race on Saturday in the Prologue Circuit Series at the new Boddington Circuit:

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