Cam Blake takes 3rd in the first round of the Chevin Series

    Tuesday evening saw the first round of the Chevin Series. The series consists of five quality handicapped open road races on some of the best courses in North and West Yorkshire with the first being Bishop Wood.

    Each race is run as a race in its own right, however the main focus is on the series overall. Points are be allocated for the first 10 positions (1st – 15 points, 2nd – 12 points, 3rd – 10 points, 4th – 9 points…….down to 10th – 1 point). All the races are handicapped – 4th cats setting off first then 3rds, then 2nds and lastly 1st cats.

    “I was in the 3rd group, which ended up containing some of the 4th group causing some controversy in the later stages due to DQ’s.

    We worked well together catching the groups in front. A few riders got off the front so I chased across with the eventual winner (Hayden Allen).

    Though the move ended up not working, and in the last lap Hayden attacked again bridging to a solo rider and it  ended up being a sprint for 3rd. I followed the wheel of Tom Barras going round him and catching some early attackers in the line to take 3rd place and 10 points.”