Cav smashes junior record & qualifies for National GHS Championships

    It was predicted to be a almost perfect day for the v415, low pressure, 17 degrees and 20mph westerly. On the day however the conditions were slightly worse than predicted,  but still good.

    Photo: Cavs Dad Amateur Photography.

    With being one of the first riders off HQ was very quiet and my warm up went almost undisturbed and ran smoothly. I reached the line slightly early which didn’t deter me. The first leg was a cross wind, and I reached the top of the climb in 6:09, only just behind course record pace set by James Gullen (6:01) however with the gusting winds I struggled to generate power on the next sector as I was blown about in another cross wind. I flew home in the final sector with a stong tail wind.

    I came out with a 21:40 under a minute behind Gullen’s record and beating the junior record. I was the fastest on the day, qualifying for the National GHS championships and winning the SPOCO event, with my closest rival over 30 second behind.

    My fitness is still growing quickly since my injury and I’m hoping to break some bigger records this year.