Custom build brand Q & A #1 – Sarto

    Prologue are delighted to announce that we are now a partner for Sarto hand made custom frames. We thought you might like to learn a bit more about the brand so here we have put together a quick Q&A for you.

    Q. Who are Sarto?

    Sarto are a custom frame builder based in Veneto, Italy. The company has been around since the 1950s and is still run by the Sarto family. Sarto started life as a ‘Terzista’, a common practice in the Italian bike industry of smaller companies producing products for larger brands. Over the years Sarto have produced frames for many famous bike manufacturers. More recently, however, Sarto have concentrated on using their many years of experience to produce frames with their own logo. Sarto literally translates from Italian as ‘tailor’ and the company have endeavoured to bring Saville Row to the cycling industry with their sought after bespoke made to measure frames.

    Q. So what models are available?

    Seven different models are available from the aerodynamic Lampo to the super light Seta and the stiffest Dinamica race bike as well as an endurance model, a TT bike and gravel bike.

    Q. What about disc frames?

    All of Sarto’s frames are available as a disc brake compatible option.

    Q. How are the frames constructed?

    Sarto build solely in carbon fibre and claim to be the first frame builders in Italy to have adopted the material and the ‘tube to tube’ method to make frames. All of Sarto’s tubes are made in-house or within the Veneto region and once they are cut and mitred they are bonded with epoxy resin in jigs, a little like tacking a metal frame together before welding. The joints are then carefully wrapped in carbon sheets and cured to produce structural joints. Once out of the oven the joints are then sandblasted and wrapped again with a cosmetic layer before being hand finished and sent to Sarto’s in house paint shop.

    Q. What custom options are available?

    All frames are available in a stock format but just about any custom option you may want is available at no additional cost. Perhaps most importantly custom sizing and geometry is offered, as well as any tube layup changes to enable fine tuning of the ride characteristics to suit your riding style and to achieve greater stiffness or more comfort for example. In addition you can specify items such as your chosen press fit or threaded bottom bracket system, cable routing and headset type all again at no additional cost. Mudguard and rack mounts are available for a small up charge.

    Q. What about custom paint?

    Absolutely! Sarto have their own design team who work closely with us to produce your chosen design whether that be a simple non standard colour, changes to stock graphics or a complex one off design with chrome painting. Full colour renders will be produced for your approval prior to going to paint in Sarto’s own in house paint shop.

    Q. How do you size the frames?

    There are various options open to us to ensure the customer gets a perfectly fitting frame. You may already have a bike fit report that Sarto’s designers can use to develop a suggested geometry, we may take anatomical measurements from you, or the customer may come to Prologue for a full dynamic fitting with our own bike fitter. In some cases we might use a combination of these methods.

    Q. What component specification would work best for my Sarto?

    Prologue will work with you and help guide you through the various component options and costs, from wheels, tyres and group sets through to saddles, handlebars and stems. Your bike will then be meticulously built by our experienced mechanics ready for handover.

    Q. Do you do other custom built frames and bikes?

    Yes we do! We have gained an excellent reputation as a specialist in custom built bikes and other brands we offer include Parlee, Colnago, Enigma, Cervelo and Kinesis. Look out for our further custom build features over the coming weeks. Also, take a look at some examples of our builds here