Gavin takes third at Prologue sponsored Harrogate Nova Road Race

    The race was very fast for Pennypot, fastest I’ve ever gone round that circuit!

    With the average speed over 26mph for the first half of the race and with no breaks sticking we knew it would only be a matter of time. Jimmy and Ashley were very active in closing down a break-away that went past Sun Inn.

    Once the move was caught Jimmy was off with one other, while myself and Dylan got on the front and blocked. However two riders on the descent to Sun Inn managed to slip off the front and joined Jimmy. They built up a gap of around 30 seconds with the gap fluctuating. I followed a move and clipped off the front with 2 others. Even though Jimmy was up the road I knew I had to work with them to bridge the gap to Jimmy as I knew it would help massively to have two of us up there.

    We bridged the 20-30 second gap and started to work together. The gap grew and then reduced  as the cohesion in the break wasn’t great. However with half a lap to go we were pretty sure we had it. We became pretty unorganised in the final 3 miles with virtually no one wanting to do any work and it looked as if the the rider up the road had it. I tried to keep the pace going but no one wanted it. Thankfully Jimmy was there to help and  rode a nice pace up towards the line while still saving his legs for the sprint.

    We hit bland hill up to the finish and it was pretty edgy. With 300 to go Jimmy ramped the pace up slightly and was raring to go, however as he slipped down into his small ring disaster struck with his chain slipping along with his hopes of collecting any points. As this happened with 200m to go I opened it up and quickly got a lead. I thought I had 2nd in the bag though every muscle in my body seemed to be cramping though I got rolled on the line and came in 3rd. Jimmy was really unlucky and was really gutted for him to miss out after being in the break and working hard for so long. Thanks to John for sponsoring and helping organise the race and thanks to Ashley, Dylan, Matt and Jimmy for their help.