Gavin Taylor races to 1st in FTR Milltag Spring Classic

    Strong teamwork and serious attacks delivered Gavin the win on Sunday.

    The FTR Milltag Spring Classic, my first race of the season and the first of the teams targets for the year. The day was set to be a tough one with 60 miles featuring 7 laps around the town of Saxton. We had a plan to attack on the final climb and we just had to try and pull it off.

    The terrain was rolling nothing too hilly however no real flat roads throughout the race. We started the race with me (Gavin), DS Matt, Dylan and new recruit Jimmy. The start of the race it was relatively dry and pretty windy with lots of groups forming but non lasting we make sure we had a man in the move or we were chasing it down.

    There was one serious attack through out the race where two riders slipped off the front and gained a maximum lead of up to 45 seconds at which point Jimmy, Dylan and Matt started to work with a few others to bring the gap down. The boys worked amazingly well together and managed to close the gap down to the two escapees. More attacks came, however we managed to cover all the moves and Jimmy did an amazing job at keeping the group together and making it tough over the main climb.

    Heading into the last lap everyone was battling for position and Jimmy was making sure the pace was high into the foot of the climb. The pace was high over the short steep drag and with a stiff crosswind coming from our right we put it in gutter. There was one rider with a slender lead on the bunch as we hit halfway up the climb. I waited until the gradient started to ramp up and I made my move. I went as deep as I could to get away from the bunch, as I got over the brow of the hill looked over my shoulder and I had a 20 odd second gap. I took a tight bend as hard as I could and straight away got into TT mode. Hands draped over the bars head down occasionally checking over my shoulder to check how big a gap I had.

    However with the gap fluctuating I decided to just get my head down and get everything out. I took some risks on some of the tight bends and just kept pressing on. Heading to the line I had no clue what gap I had I was just focused on getting everything out. I got to 100m from the line looked behind and realised I’d done it. Massive thanks to the team, for all the work they did and the first of many results for this season I hope.

    Photos: Craig Zadoroznyj

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