Adorned with the iconic scorpion symbol, Castelli cycling clothing is engineered to offer maximum performance under all conditions.

For example, the extremely popular Superleggera jersey, Castelli are using technologies for the highest levels of pro racing, adapted into an extremely lightweight and aero road-going jersey. They have used bits of 50g stretch woven fabric, ultralight and ultra-wicking Futura 50g fabric on the front and sleeves, and a 3D mesh fabric liner on the back to support the pockets, and added a handy zippered key pocket for some creature comforts.

The Castelli women’s clothing is also popular, especially its extremely comfortable tights and matching colourful jackets. Such as the Free Aero womens shorts, It has women’s-specific fit, women’s-specific bibs and front construction, and Castelli’s women’s Progetto X2 Air Donna seat pad. Their test crew has naturally included some nonracers, and the first thing they comment on is the extreme comfort. This will be your go-to short even when you don’t have a number pinned on your jersey.

The Omloop thermal bib short was born at the Belgian classics pros were seen cutting off their knee warmers to have a thermal layer just to the knee. So Castelli made up some shorts to ride in and quickly realized that the pros are onto something. It feels significantly warmer than a thermal short but without the restriction of knee-warmers or 3/4 knickers. They developed a soft raw-cut edge so it’s not going to cut into the back of your knee. Plus it looks very pro. Long socks required.

Every line of Castelli cycling clothing has its own recommended temperature range, further emphasising the attention to detail displayed by the Castelli brand.

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