At Prologue Performance Cycling we sell all models of ENVE road wheels; whether you’re looking to smarten up your road bike with a 4.5 clincher or tubular wheel set or pimp your triathlon and time-trial bike with ENVE 7.8 high-performance carbon race wheels.

ENVE wheels are specifically designed to meet the demands of a performance-driven athlete, with a wheel option for all cycling situations. ENVE combines pro level race performance and aerodynamics with durability and confidence.

The smart ENVE system:

The recipe for a fast wheel is no one single element; rather it is a combination of factors. When you start with in-frame development and blend proven aerodynamics, optimized stability, lightweight, stiffness and durability, the result is a revolutionary wheel design.

The Smart ENVE System optimizes the interface between the frame surfaces and the wheels to create an integrated system. The front and rear wheels interact differently with the air and the rest of the bicycle. Rim shapes are optimized to allow airflow to stay attached at higher yaw angles, thus reducing drag and improving ride performance.

Enve have a 5 year guarantee on all their wheels and have lifetime crash replacement.

Read more about the smart ENVE system at www.enve.com