Mavic high-performance road cycling wheels, rims, tyres and bike accessories are designed with two all-important words in mind: fast and light!

Mavic produce a wheel for every rider, both in terms of discipline and price point. For example, the Mavic Ksyrium range has long been associated with durability for endurance riding – and starting at only £525 for the Elite model. Then there’s the Garmin Sharp race team ride on the latest Mavic Cosmic carbon tubulars.

Mavic has designed fully integrated wheel-and-tyre technology to improve responsiveness. Each product is engineered around the rider it’s designed for: triathlete, sportive rider, time-trial cyclists, cyclocross competitor. This ensures your bike is optimised to fight the terrain – so all you have to focus on is power and performance.

At Prologue we also stock a range of Mavic road cycling shoes. They’re ultra light and offer excellent comfort and foothold.

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