North Wave winter shoes

Ditch your tatty overshoes and say goodbye to frozen toes. Our new fully wind- and waterproof winter cycling shoes by North Wave offer maximum protection from rain, wind and snow while maintaining excellent breathability.

At Prologue Performance Cycling we stock North Wave’s Fahrenheit and Artic model of winter cycling shoe. The Fahrenheit cycling shoes offer protection for temperatures as low as 5 degrees. The Arctic model keeps feet warm when cycling in 0 degrees. Plus, the fluo colour and the specific reflex inserts enhance visibility for motorists during dark and dull days.

The North Wave Artic winter cycling shoe has a Koala Gore-Tex® membrane, which offers super-strong insulating fibres, making it suitable for the harshest conditions. The material is easily washable even in case of use in extreme mud condition.

The reinforced carbon sole is made with nylon filled with fiberglass and enriched with carbon powder. This means the North Wave Arctic winter boot provides the right mix of stiffness and durability.

The Artic winter boot features a Speed Lace system; it’s fast, functional and offers a perfect hold on the foot. By pulling the cord and pushing the mechanism downwards, you automatically lock the lacing in place. It also offers an easy-to-release mechanism; simply press the lever and pull the mechanism upwards.

Fahrenheit: £150

Artic: £179.99