With P Zero Velo cycling performance now meets the legendary grip, road handling and reliability of Pirelli.

Pirelli offer a range of three premium clincher tyres all in stock here at Prologue.

P Zero Velo

23, 25 & 28mm £39.99

Years of top level racing expertise deliver their crowning jewel: the P Zero Velo sets a new standard in bicycle clincher performance. At its core, the patented Pirelli SmartNET Silica. Enjoy superior grip in both dry and wet conditions, as well as unparalleled puncture resistance and mileage. Impossible? Not anymore.

P Zero TT

23mm £39.99

Designed for breathtaking speeds, while reducing both rolling resistance and aero drag, this is the fastest and most performing tyre in the P Zero Velo family. With their patented SmartNET Silica compound providing outstanding grip you can ride this clincher in the wildest conditions like never before with a TT tyre.

P Zero 4S

23, 25 & 28mm £43.99

Harsh weather? Cold temperatures? The 4S is the way to go. With increased wet grip and puncture protection, this outstanding clincher will deliver an unbeatable performing ride. Its unique tread design is developed to shed water away from your path giving maximum confidence in every weather condition. Wet or dry, the 4S will rise to the challenge.