Quarq power meters

Training with a Quarq power meter provides instant feedback on effort, to help ride smarter and cycle more precisely.

A Quarq power meter accurately measures power output. Training with a power meter will make interval training more effective, you can climb more efficiently without blowing up, race by pacing on power, track progression using power numbers, spot fatigue, monitor benchmark workouts and learn to ride smoother. Find out more about training with power here.

The Quarq power meter features durable, integrated electronics, a CR2032 battery and works with a wide range of chainrings. The LED indicator and visible ANT+™ ID streamline installation and operation.

OmniCal™ gives you flexibility and repeatable data, no matter what the discipline; road, time-trial, triathlon or cyclo-cross. It comes with lengths from 170-175mm and five bottom bracket options.