Selle Italia saddles

Find your perfect saddle with the new Selle Italia idmatch saddle fitting system at Prologue Performance Cycling.

The Selle Italia idmatch system is a new comprehensive four step saddle fitting process that uses a set of parameters and measurements specific to you and combines them to recommend a saddle for personal optimised comfort.

Step 1: We input a set of important parameters such as age, height, weight, gender and type of cycling.

Step 2: Next we identify the intertorchanteric distance (distance between the two greater tuberosities of the femur). This measurement allows us to analyse the pelvis.

Step 3: Thigh circumference. This measurement, partnered with the intertorchanteric distance, lets us calculate the distance between the ischiatic tuberosities where the pressure points on the saddle originate.

Step 4: Pelvic rotation: using a pelvic inclinometer, we measure the rotation of the pelvis.

The idmatch system uses the data from all four steps to determine your ideal saddle from the Selle Italia range.

Selle Italia’s R&D department have been conducting specific ergonomic studies in order to define a range of perfect saddles. These include the popular SLR, an extremely light, carbon saddle, and the women’s Diva Gel Flow; shaped perfectly for the female anatomy and posture.

Visit us in store for your Selle Italia idmatch appointment.