Silca believe in perfection. Silca believe in beauty. Silca believe in values as well as value. Ultimately, they believe that perfection can be found (and sometimes created) in the details of everything that any of us do. Silca is committed to the customer, by continually striving to design and build the most perfect products possible.

The SuperPista floor pump changed the game because it was a proper tool more than a cycling accessory: full metal construction, infinitely rebuildable and ergonomically optimized for use rather than production considerations.

Seat Roll Premio is the world’s first on-bike storage solution powered by the Boa® Closure System. The foundation of the Premio Seat Roll is a waxed canvas of SILCA’s own creation. Heavyweight cotton canvas is first hot-melt waxed for water-proofing, and then computer quilted with reflective thread for improved visibility.

Few tools are used as frequently, and can cause as much heartache or wasted time as the seemingly simple hex key. It’s one of the first things you notice at the top levels of motorsport tools, or in the toolboxes of Pro-Tour mechanics: extremely high quality hex keys.