Stages power meters

A Stages power meter offers precise training for cyclists. Training with power provides an instantaneous readout of exactly how hard you’re pedalling.

A Stages power meter accurately measures power output. Training with a power meter will make interval training more effective, you can climb more efficiently without blowing up, race by pacing on power, track progression using power numbers, spot fatigue, monitor benchmark workouts and learn to ride smoother. Find out more about training with power here.

Light and discreet, the Stages power meter is perfect for cyclists either looking for their first power meter with easy-to-use features or a savvy power meter expert, wanting to extend their turbo-based power training to the road.

Stages power meter features and benefits: 

  • ±2% accuracy of strain gage measured power
  • Super light fully sealed unit adds just 20g of additional weight to the crank arm
  • Designed and approved for Road, Tri, MTB, DH, cyclo-cross, BMX and Track.
  • Bilingual communication with ANT+™* and Bluetooth Smart** protocols
  • Internal sensor based cadence measurement — no magnets needed
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Wireless firmware upgrades
  • Simple zero reset
  • Fast set up: install crank arm, pair, and go
  • No wires, magnets, zip-ties, or additional mounted hardware
  • Left arm only design, means no compromise on drive-side spider stiffness or chainrings
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Optional 2-year accidental damage protection; Stages Cycling PMP (power meter protection) plan

Stages power cranks starting from £449