Sun. Gales. Drizzle. Rain. Snow. More sun. And that was just Thursday’s ride. The truth is, the only thing about an average day cycling in Britain is that it is anything but average. And extraordinary weather requires extraordinary skincare.

Chamois cream forms a protective buffer between you and the saddle. Friction is one of cyclist’s worst enemies, more so than the longest ride or the highest climb and can cause saddle sores and discomfort. At VeloSkin, we are firmly of the opinion that prevention is better than cure, which is why our chamois cream offers a vital line of defence.
Chamois Cream – £14

The unique formula contained in VeloSkin’s soothing gel is great for self massaging your legs after a long ride or to soothe and cool soreness and skin damage caused by saddle friction. Natural oils used within the product formulation combine to offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to speed up the healing process and provide blessed relief in the interim.
Soothing Gel – £16

Working up into a rich and creamy lather, VeloSkin’s shave cream is easily identifiable by our house scent – a refreshing blend of orange blossom and bergamot evoking the hill climbs of sunny Mallorca.
Shave Cream – £12

Containing active natural ingredients to soothe irritation, this rich and silky post shave lotion leaves your skin hydrated and super soft. Made without the addition of harsh additives or drying alcohol, it’s gentle enough to use on your face, as well as your legs after shaving with VeloSkin’s shave cream
Post Shave Cream – £15