Jimmy takes first win of the season at NYERRL #4!

    Malevolent skies greeted the riders in Kirby Misperton at the start of NYERRL #4. By the time the commisaire completed his briefing most of the assembled racers were thoroughly soaked and worse was to come.

    The monsoon-like rain saturated the circuit in minutes narrowing the road as the bunch needed plenty of skill and resolve to stay upright and in contention let alone race. In one section the standing water forced the peloton to plough through a ford that rapidly developed in a road dip. Just as well this is Yorkshire; elsewhere rain would’ve stopped play!

    The conditions saw off a few riders’ chances early including Prologue DS Matt Mannakee who suffered a puncture on lap 2. Jimmy got in an early 2 man break but his partner faded early into the attempt and after the best part of a lap solo Jimmy was brought back by the bunch. Order resumed with a couple of minor endeavours off the front being brought to heel. All together at the bell.

    Photo credit: Craig Zad

    The last lap saw a push by several riders before the decisive move.  Matt from Leeds Griffins attacked with Joe Wilkinson from FTR and having held a good position near the front of the bunch Jimmy jumped the gap to join them. With three quarters of a lap to go the chasing pack hesitated and a gap opened. The break pushed on but was reduced to two as Joe dropped back. At this point Jimmy knew it was going to be close and went all out through the final few km. With 750m to go the front two were joined by Dan McDermott FTR, who launched a strong solo attack to bridge the gap. Approaching the ramp to the finish Jimmy knew they’d done enough to evade the closing pack, but who had the legs to take the win?

    With the sound of his screaming DS ringing in his ears Jimmy rolled the dice and led out, holding on to take the win. His first for the team and Prologue’s seventh of the season.

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