Prologue Race Team’s Cavan Walker – National Junior Champion!

    I became a National Champion on the 5th of August and here is the story:

    In the run up to the event my coach (Jody Warrington) had been developing me for next year rather than this to tackle next years goals and get a step ahead. However this also suited the National 25m Time Trial, so I felt calm running up to the event although I didn’t expect much.

    I travelled down to South Wales the day before to ride the R25/3H, it was a long journey down with the traffic moving slow for the last 30 miles meaning I was in the car for over 6 hours. Getting on the road was good to loosen the legs off but I felt impeccable and the power just kept coming and riding round less than tempo I completed the 25 miles in 56 minutes! A rapid course.

    So race day, it was a head wind out around 15mph and around 22 degrees. Due to staying over the night before I had a long wait till 16:16 so I used my time to review my course and meet some new lovely people. The nerves began to creep in as I was getting changed, realising what a win could mean.  With 30 minutes to go I felt shocking, my legs felt hollow and even turning the pedals on the rollers felt like pain. The warm up felt like hours as every second ticked by. Finally it was my time.

    As soon as I got out the blocks my mind settled and I set off fast above all my target figures, which I think was best as I had a long 3 mile recovery down hill. On the way out I caught 15, 14 and 13 which boosted my confidence but I got to the turn in 31 minutes almost 2 minutes behind my target.  Once I was round the bend I realised how much the wind contributed as I flew up the hill at 36mph. I caught 12 and almost 11 on the way home. I completed the course in 48:52, only 4 seconds off Ryan Mullen’s Junior Championship Record of 48:48 from 2012 when he was 18.

    Rolling back to HQ I was happy with my ride and my time but nervous about the result. Once I arrived back I was in the hot seat with 8 riders to go. I couldn’t cope with the nerves so I had to go get changed to pass the time. Minutes later my mum and friends ran out to me and told me I had won by a clear margin! I was more relived at first than happy, it’s still sinking in now. Lyster Romero (3rd) and Harrison Wood (2nd) also did some fast times with not many people in touching distance of them.

    I’m over the moon, next target is the national 10….