Prologue RT win individual and team titles in the North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League!

    Prologue RT Team DS Matt reports on the series:

    At the start of the season I made winning the North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League one of my goals for the season. The league is made up of eight races from April to August which are held on Thursday evenings every two weeks on good racing circuits across North Yorkshire.

    With a number of our team having progressed to 2nd Category in 2016, we had limited numbers for the series. One of my new recruits for the 2017 season, Jimmy Parvin agreed to make the series one of his objectives for the season. Although we had only two of us we were confident we could feature consistently at each race.

    How did the series play out?

    Race 1 Pennypot – No Placing

    Race 2 Milby – Matt 5th

    Very fast race on a flat circuit that resulted in a frantic bunch sprint

    Race 3 Sheriff Hutton – Jimmy 2nd/ Matt 10th

    Tough hill circuit including Bulmer Bank (1:8) four times and uphill finish into Sheriff Hutton, Jimmy came very close to winning but got rolled on the line.

    Race 4 Flamingo Land – Jimmy 1st

    On a rolling circuit, Jimmy attacked with 5miles to go with two others and took three man sprint for win!

    Race 5 Milby – Jimmy 5th

    Another round on the fast circuit and Jimmy sprinted to 5th in another crazy bunch sprint.

    Race 6 Brandsby – Race Cancelled due to flash floods

    Race 7 Flamingo Land – No Placing

    We got this one wrong both starting the sprint to early at 500m to go and no cigar.

    Race8 Brandsby – Jimmy 8th

    The finale for the NYERRL was to be played out on the tough Brandsby circuit, which does 4 laps of Crayke circuit and then one ascent of Brandsby hill which is a 1km steep finish. It was going to be a huge tactical battle between Prologue RT and FTR with only one point between us. Jimmy went into the final race with a 3pt lead in the Individual standings, he has to make sure he beat Jonathon (VC York) and Chris (Valley Striders CC).

    Individual Standings before final race:

    1. Jimmy Parvin – 33
    2. Jonathan Apaloo – 30
    3. Chris Wilson – 28
    4. Jamie Tweddell – 18
    5. Manuel Agudo – 15

    Team Standings:

    1. Prologue RT – 40
    2. FTR Milltag – 39
    3. VC York – 30
    4. Valley Striders – 28
    5. Ilkley Cycling Club – 24

    FTR started attacking from mile zero and with seven against three, it was going to be a very tough 35 mile race. The plan was to only chase FTR as we couldn’t afford for one of their riders to place higher than us and then another beat our top finisher in the very hard uphill finish.

    We had drafted in Dylan Flesher for this race to help try and control the front of the race. Jimmy was protected and we wanted him to chase very little with myself and Dylan covering all the moves or keeping the place high enough to stop the constant attacks.

    I was happy for other riders to go up the road and two got away, while the tactical battle was played out behind. FTR’s Chris Hoole attacked hard with 5 miles to go and took another rider with him, we had to go really hard to get this move back before the last km but managed to bring it together with 2 km to go and Dylan rode a fierce tempo into the bottom of the climb.

    I had told Jimmy not to react to the first attack on the climb and not panic, then stay with the next wave of riders who will fight out the sprint for the line. Due to how the race had been controlled by the two teams, a few riders had a very easy ride to the final hill and managed to take the first few places over the line. Jimmy dug deep to finish 8th on the night to take the Individual series and with no FTR rider featuring in the points.

    Prologue RT had won the overall 2017 NYERRL – mission accomplished!

    We would like to thank our sponsors for their support, Redline Specialist Cars, Santini Cycling Wear and OTE Sports.