Ashley Marshall

Ashley Marshall

I joined the guys at Prologue as a bit of a spur of the moment! I had the whole of 2016/2017 winter off from riding my bike after completing 11 seasons.

I run the OTE altitude chamber which is where I met Matt Mannakee, Team DS and he approached me with an offer to ride on the team. It gave me a bit of motivation to get back pedalling again and now I’m back into the swing of things with training and racing.

As always for me, my main focus is on the Otley town centre races. In previous years, I have normally ridden the elite race, but this year I want to have a real crack at the 2/3/4 event as it is the top local race for the Prologue RT and I strongly feel that I can be a contender for the podium, perhaps even the top step.

The team is a nice environment to be in as the pressure is not as strong as I have experienced previously and the guy’s know their ability well which means we can take on races in the right manner. We have a strong team which is a real fighting force in local races.

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