Jimmy Parvin

Jimmy Parvin

“Unlike some of my more illustrious Prologue team mates I have a distinct lack of pedigree when it comes to racing! However, I do share their love of bikes and that curious addiction for self inflicted suffering that is a feature of all competitive cyclists.

More likely to be seen on a mountain bike until a few years ago somehow I’ve muddled & struggled my way from a 5 mile commuter to a competitor in the local race scene.

Learning a little race craft at a local Leeds club for the last couple of seasons with some decent results I was keen to progress. I’d met Matt Mannakee at local races and John through enjoying coffee at Prologue after various events like the Cafe Bash (& buying a superb Cervelo).

I was delighted to be invited to join the team, not least as I’m 37 with 2 young children to balance with training & racing (the secret is a very tolerant wife!).

The team is going really well this year and it was fantastic to add my first win in team colours to the growing success last week. I’m looking forward plenty more great racing over the summer. Personally, I’m aiming for Cat2 but more importantly I’m involved to support our talented younger rides get to the top step of the podium.”